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How to access and edit your profile?

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How to login to Youth Green International?

How to create an Article to your Group / Project? 



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Check back soon for more tutorials!  If you need another tutorial that we don't have listed, please contact us. We would love your feedback and happy to help if you need assistance. 


Getting Started for Students

There are many ways to get going, but let us make it easy for you.

1. Login into our network.  Login Here. Need to register or get your login? Email us.  We can help out. 

2. Find Your School.  Within the navigation browse to My Projects/Groups, your school should appear in the Groups list. 
If it doesn't let us know.

3. Tell us about you!  You have your very own profile, you can share with your current classmates and all of the other students, around the world, you are going to interact with.
Access your profile in the main navigation - My Profile and  Edit Profile
A few things you can share in your profile:

  • Upload a Photo
  • Name, Age, School
  • Biography:
    • Tell a bit about where you live
    • The seasons of our state/country
    • What you like to do for fun
    • Do you have any pets
    • Favorites hobbies... those are just a few ideas.

4.  A Blog for Writing - Every student on our website gets a Free Blog, so you can document your experience, as you meet new friends, learn something new about different countries and participate in projects with your school.  You can use your blog in any of these ways, as long as the content is clean. ;)  Yes, your teachers are watching. Find your blog here!  Post an article to your blog here!

Youth Green International is a great technology and space to be curious, ask questions and collaborate with other students.

5. Have an idea for a project?  Post it in the open forum. The more project ideas out there, the better! Post your ideas, because I am sure other students out there want to work with you on it too.  A project can represent a bunch of things - it can be school related.  It can be a challenge - take a photo, a day, of your environment - something green, something large, something shiny, etc.  You can get other students from other countries to join. ( Just to give you a few ideas! )
Don't worry, people like me ( Meagan - Youth Green International Supporter ) will help you make the connections and get the conversation going online.

Check out my profile, Meagan Van Woert, if you haven't already.  Yours can look like this too!
If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to message me.

That's all for now - go ahead and get started!